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By learning more about us, you can help simply by spreading the word based on the facts. Lack of awareness is one of the main reasons people delay making contact with us earlier so we can start helping them earlier. So here are some starter facts:

  • False Evidence that Appears Real (FEAR) is mostly based on myths. Become a myth buster by going here
  • Franklin Hospice's services to patients with life-limiting illness and their family and whanau are free.
  • Franklin Hospice provides support to patients with life-limiting illness in their own homes or in residential care facilities. We do not operate an in-patient unit.
  • That means our team of health professionals each drive hundreds of kilometers weekly because the Franklin Hospice services are available across one of the largest geographic areas of any hospice in New Zealand.
  • Our palliative care team are specialist trained health professionals with more than 130 years of specialist nursing experience between them.
  • By 2028 Franklin Hospice will need to care for more than twice the patient numbers than we first forecast in 2015. Refer to the full set of facts here
  • In order to keep providing our vital services, we must raise more than 50% of our funding from the community (see here the ways we do that and how you can help).

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