Sunset Coast Creations

Sunset Coast Creations specialise in producing fun and educational products to enhance early childhood development. Their products are handmade near Waiuku (south of Auckland), designed with a child’s interests, education and fun in mind.

They combine more than 35 years experience in the Childcare industry with passions for early childhood education, sustainability and effective resource upcycling. They like to use natural materials with natural finishes, chemical-free timbers, and materials with low environmental impact. Each of their products is truly individual, hand-made & hand finished, encouraging children to engage their senses, improve coordination, and have fun while learning through play.

To redeem your voucher order through the Sunset Coast website and enter your voucher code at checkout, or phone   027 281 7363 and quote the Voucher number.

When you purchase the voucher below, Sunset Coast Creations will donate 20% to Franklin Hospice.



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